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by James Wilson gave The Gardens Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Excellent practice

We've been registered with the Gardens Surgery for nearly three-and-a-half years, and have found it - as the title suggests! - an excellent practice. The doctors and nurses are consistently friendly, conscientious and efficient, and always make the patient feel they are taking hiis/her concerns seriously. They are also very prompt in making appropriate referrals and organising tests.

The reception staff are - understandably - often quite busy, but I've always found them very helpful too.

All in all - particularly given the pressures the NHS is under at the moment - the Gardens provides an exceptional service. Highly recommended!

Visited in March 2017, Posted on 30 March 2017

by Sue Marlene gave The Gardens Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Excellent and outstanding surgery and staff

My family and I have been using this surgery for over 20 years. The GPs always show compassion where due and they always pin point the problem more or less straightaway. All the Reception staff are lovely, polite and gracious at the same time. They always go out of their way to help and always pay special attention to vulnerable patients which is so important. One Doctor was a brilliant Doctor and my family and I miss them terribly, but alas, the other Doctors are all equally brilliant. It is sometimes quite difficult to get through by telephone, but we can book our appointments online now, so this helps a lot. This is an excellent surgery with fabulous staff who should be appreciated and acknowledged for their hard work at all times. In my experience, the surgery has got better and better each day and continues to excel with patient care. I would not change anything about this surgery, Doctors or staff as they are all already so wonderful. 10/10

Visited in March 2017, Posted on 14 March 2017