About Patient Participation Group

Image of a PPG group

Introduction to our Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The Surgery has a Patient Participation Group and all registered patients are entitled to join it. The ppg has been going for a few years and we are keen that it becomes more representative of the Surgery population.


Benefits of the Patient Participation Group

The benefits that the Patient Participation Group will have for our patients are:

  • Patients will be more responsible for their own health
  • Patients will have a better understanding and knowledge of the Surgery and its staff
  • Patients will benefit from improved communication with staff
  • Patients will know how to suggest positive ideas and voice concerns

The benefits that the Patient Participation Group will have for our staff is:

  • Staff will be able to plan services jointly with patients and this should make services more effective.
  • Staff will be able to help patients with non-medical and social care issues.
  • Staff will be able to get help from patients in meeting targets and objectives.
  • Staff will have a forum to voice concerns, ideas and suggestions to patients.
  • Staff will build stronger links with their community.

Joining The Patient Participation Group

The Surgery would like to invite its patients to join their Patient Participation Group (PPG).

Our Patient Participation Group is a small group of patients and Surgery Staff who meet to discuss ways to contribute to the shaping of the health services provided in the community, share information and gain the patient perspective on how we provide our services. 

This is particularly important, with the new changes being made to the NHS, in helping us deliver services by placing the patient voice at the centre.

We feel that you have the knowledge, passion and capability to represent our patient population, and hope that you will consider being a member of the group.

We are always welcoming more patients that are enthusiastic about the care that they receive at the surgery and are committed to improving the services that we provide. Joining the PPG is an amazing opportunity to make a difference.

We would greatly appreciate your support. If you are interested in joining our Patient Participation Group, please use our Patient Participation Group Signup Form.