We have introduced an Online triage tool that enables our GPs to conduct consultations more efficiently.

eConsult provides an online portal where you can self-check your symptoms, and receive on the spot medical advice 24/7. Helping to relieve pressure on GPs by giving you access to round-the-clock support and alternative treatment providers.



You can now book your apppointments ONLINE using  Patient Access

To find out more information and to register for this service, please click here


Additional GP appointments available from 8am - 8pm 7 days a week.

This service is delivered to South Southwark by 'Improving Health Ltd' (IHL) and is based at The Lister Primary Care Centre, Peckham. 

To read more about this service and how you can access it, please follow this link  or click on the box at the bottom of this page called 'Emergency Triage'

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